About Windiana

 Windiana is a professional level concert band based in Northwest Indiana. Windiana's mission is to perform concert band literature to the highest possible level and to provide a concert band opportunity for professional level musicians. Members of Windiana have studied with some of the most notable musicians in America and are highly recognized for their performing and teaching. With concerts designed for audience enjoyment, Windiana performs a wide variety of music. Windiana holds an Organizational Membership in the Association of Concert Bands, which includes BMI/ASCAP Blanket Licensure. Windiana is a registered trademark.

 Founded in 2000, Windiana debuted in 2001 at Chesterton (IN) High School and at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis for the state convention of the Indiana Music Educators Association (IMEA). Windiana performed again at the IMEA conventions in 2004 and 2011. In 2010, Windiana performed in the concert series for the Portage (IN) Township Live Entertainment Association.

 Windiana has completed seven acclaimed concert tours of China (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012), performing concerts in major concert halls and on television for millions of people, and will tour China again in 2013.

 Windiana performs twice per year at the University Theatre at Valparaiso University Center for the Arts at Valparaiso University.


  Guest Conductors:

  Keith Brion, The New Sousa Band

  Col. Alan Sierichs, US Air Force Band of Flight

  Dr. Ray Cramer, Indiana University (ret.)

  Dr. John Boyd, Indiana State University

  Dr. Joseph Scagnoli, Ball State University (ret.)

  Dr. Jay Gephart, Purdue University

  Dr. Dennis Friesen-Carper, Valparaiso University

  Jianfang Yu, People's Liberation Army Concert Band, China

  Guest Soloists:

  Dr. Joseph Bognar, piano, Valparaiso University

  Charles Steck, trumpet, Valparaiso University

  Dr. Paul Morton, trumpet, University of Lousiana-Lafayette

  Dr. John Pursell, trumpet, US Air Force Band (ret.)

  Rev. Michael Cobbler, narrator

  James Barkow, Northshore Concert Band (ret.)

  Shengmin Yan, tenor, Hangzhou, China

  Zhu Changyao, erhu, Nanjing, China

  MUC Russell V. Gross, Jr., clarinet, US Navy Band, Washington, DC

  Dr. Stacy Maugans, saxophone, Valparaiso University

  Lin Ma, erhu, Hangzhou China

  Jia Chen, erhu, Hangzhou, China

  Wenwen Gao, sheng, Nanjing, China

  Xiangyun Liu, ruan, Nanjing, China

  Northern Indiana Saxophone Quartet

  Jia Wang, pipa, Shanghai, China

  Changyao Zhu, erhu, Nanjing, China

  Guest Ensembles

  The Butterfly Troupe, Hangzhou, China

  Musashino Academy of Music Wind Ensemble, Tokyo, Japan

  Hangzhou Electric Utility Band, Hangzhou, China

  Shanghai Conservatory Women's Percussion Ensemble, Shanghai, China

  Program Selections from Previous Performances

  Fall Concert, November 17,2005
  Spring Concert, February 16,2006
  Fall Concert, November 16,2006
  Spring Concert, February 15,2007
  Fall Concert, November 15,2007
  Spring Concert, February 21,2008
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