Overture to the Tenth Pan American Games - Lalo Schifrin

  Godzilla Eats Las Vegas - Eric Whitacre

  Masters of the Silent Screen - J.S. Zamecnik

  Unsinkable Molly Brown (Highlights) - M. Wilson

  At the Movies - John Philip Sousa
   1: Serenaders

  Fantasia for Alto Saxophone and Band - C. S. Smith
  Amerian in Paris (Encore)
   Guest Soloist: Otis Murphy, Alto Saxophone

  Mighty Griffin March - Wayne H. Rosebery

  Trombone King - Karl King

  Down from the Shimmering Sky - James Curnow
   1: The Cosmos
   2: The Spirit World
   3: The Mortal World
   4: The Undersea World
   5: The Sky World

  Towering Windows - Michael Boo
   1st Movement: "Creation"

  Honest Abe Quickstep - William Camphouse

  Suite from Video Games Live - M. O'Donnell (arr. R. Ford)
   1: Halo Theme
   2: Civilization IV
   3: Kingdom Hearts

  Mountains in the Mist - Michael Boo

  Northwest Indiana Saxophone Quartet
   "Ulla in Africa"- Heiner Wiberny
  Capriccio - W. Barker
   Part 1
   Part 2

  Second Norwegian Rhapsody
   Part One
   Part Two

  American Overture for Band - J.W. Jenkins

  Suite of Old American Dances - - R.R. Bennett
   Cake Walk Part 1a
   Cake Walk Part 1b
   Wallflower Waltz, Rag Part 2

  Dragon Boat Festival - Michael Boo

  Shindler's List - John Williams
   Guest Erhu Soloist, Chen Jia

  Last Ride of the Pony Express - David Schaffer

  Eulogize the Yangtze

  Last Days of Pompeii - John Phillip Sousa
   1: The Party Before

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